Custom Enchantments


Aegis: Reduces incoming damage.
Aerial: Does more damage while the player is in the air. Max lvl. 5
Antigravity: Permanent (high-level) jump boost. Max lvl. 3
Artisan: Pickaxes mine in veins, axes fell entire trees, etc. Max lvl. 5
Beheading: Gives a chance to drop the player’s/mob’s head if the enchanted item strikes the killing blow. Max lvl. 3
Bleeding: Continuously damages the target for a short time. Damage depends on level and base weapon damage. Max lvl. 5
Blinding: Has a chance to blind the target for a short period of time. Max lvl. 5
Burst: When firing an arrow, will also fire extra arrows in a line behind it. Max lvl. 3
Charging: Does more damage while the player is sprinting. Max lvl. 5
Disarming: Has a chance to make the target drop their currently-held items. Max lvl. 5
Ensnaring: Prevents the target from using ender pearls or teleporting for a certain amount of time. Max lvl. 3
Ethereal: Consumes a soul to mitigate any damage by other players, pets, and arrows.
Explosive: When a block is broken, all the blocks around that block are also broken. Max lvl. 3
Fiery: Arrows that hit a mob or land on a block will set their surroundings on fire.
Freezing: Has a chance to slow and possibly completely freeze the target for a short period of time. Max lvl. 5
Magnetic: Slowly draws any ground items around the player towards them. Max lvl. 3
Marking: All damage to the target is increased per enchant level for five seconds. Max lvl. 5
Mirage: Moves the ground around the player slightly when swinging a weapon. Also sends nearby entities in the air. Max lvl. 3
Multishot: When firing an arrow, will also fire a few extra arrows that spread out a bit. Max lvl. 5
Poisonous: Has a chance to poison the target for a short period of time. Max lvl. 5
Proficiency: Drops more experience per action (mining, fishing, kills, etc) Max lvl. 5
Rampage: The more you kill, the stronger you get. Cools off after a while. Max lvl. 3
Reaping: Killing another living thing steals its soul and attempts to store it.
Repairing: Slowly repairs the item over time if the player is holding it. Max lvl. 5
Smelting: The enchanted item acts like a furnace for anything it breaks.
Soulbound: Consumes a soul to return to your inventory upon death.
Stillness: Prevents block updates when breaking a block.
Thunderous: Gives a chance to strike the target with lightning when the enchanted item hits it. Max lvl. 3
Tornado: Sends the target up into the air when hit. Max lvl. 3
Trailblazer: Creates fire wherever the player moves. Also sets the player on fire if they sprint.
Vampiric: Gives the player a small amount of health back depending on the damage dealt with the enchanted item. Max lvl. 5
Vorpal: Stores souls in the item. Level affects the maximum souls allowed. Max lvl. 10


Adherence: The cursed item cannot be moved from one inventory to another.
Calling: Draws nearby mobs toward the holder/wearer and makes them hostile Max lvl. 5
Decay: Breakable items break far more quickly. Max lvl. 5
Empathy: The player takes partial damage whenever a nearby entity is attacked. Max lvl. 5
Ender: If the player wearing the cursed item is hit, they have a chance to be randomly teleported a fair distance away. Max lvl. 3
Fragility: Increases damage taken. Max lvl. 5
Grogginess: Gives slowness + mining fatigue to the wearer. Max lvl. 5
Leeching: The cursed item takes health from the player and gives it to the target. Max lvl. 5
Misfortune: The cursed item has a chance to not drop items when breaking blocks with it in hand. Max lvl. 5
Pacifism: The cursed item can do no damage to any mob or player.
Silence: Prevents the player from speaking or using commands.
Stickiness: The cursed item, once held, must be held for a certain amount of time. You just can’t let go! Max lvl. 5
Void: The cursed item continually and randomly consumes souls. Max lvl. 3
Wither: Slowly kills the wearer/holder Max lvl. 5