Overview of Farlands Gameplay

Farlands alter standart minecraft gameplay with many of features, custom mobs and tweaks.
Here is a full description and guide to Farlands.

Farlands Mobs

Custom mobs scale the further they are from spawn, this means that around spawn you can find lvl 1-3, while 2000 block from spawn you would find around 9-12.

Land Claims

Farlands use plugin Ultimate Claims from Songoda.
You got to create your own power cell that you need to feed with crops, runes or money to not run out of power.

You can get them same way as standart enchantments, by enchanting books or tools. All custom enchantments are lister here.

Shop World

As a player you can get your on plot in Shop world, where you can build your perfect shop and start making real money. All you need is to reach rank Knight.

Voting Shop

Server shop is not only way to get to OP enchantmens, you
can purchase Efficiency IV or Sharpness V for voting points in /vote shop.


Assingning yourself a jobs is besides player shops the easiest way to make money. Do /jobs browse to list all avaible jobs in game.